The special events and initiatives that take place throughout the year in Marrakech and the surrounding area provide yet another reason to stay at Dar Darma. Here is a list of the events planned for the upcoming months.

Oasis Festival / Sept 17-19, 2021
Embedded in the cool shade of the Atlas Mountains a short drive from the centre of Marrakech, the Oasis’ electronic music palette seems only to be getting more vibrant. Expecting legendary spectacular live performances, and of course headline DJ sets from international titans. Oasis Festival is a unique cultural experience in the spectacular Red City with internationally lauded electronic music at its fore.


1000 Maroc Classic Rally / Oct 23-29, 2021
Departing from Marrakech, the rally goes south…This region of southern Morocco never ceases to reveal its secrets to those who wish to venture into these Berber lands. A trip designed to satisfy lovers of wide open spaces, freedom and nature. A spiritual appointment!


Conference on Cloud and Internet of Things 2021 (CIoT’21) / Nov 8-10, 2021
This 5th edition will focus on the challenges of managing Internet of Things applications while considering the whole end-to-end architecture over the sixth generation of mobile networks (6G) and next-generation data center networking from to cloud to the edge and IoT devices. For technology enthusiasts!


Marrakech Film Festival / Nov 29-Dec 7, 2021
Renewing the dialogue between talents and intellects, encouraging diversity and building bridges between different cultures and countries, the Marrakech International Film Festival has become a crossroad where great national and international actors, producers, film makers and directors are gathered every year.


4L Trophy – Rally Desert Adventure / Feb 17-27, 2022
100% young, 100% fun, 100% responsible. Every year it brings together a large group of friends (up to 2,400! From 18 to 28 years old) who cross Spain and discover Morocco together, from Tangier to the Atlas, from Merzouga to Ouarzazate, from Tichka to Marrakech as last stop.


Marathon des Sables / Mar 25 – Apr 4, 2022
The legendary Marathon through the desert. 250km in 7 days. Are you ready?


Festival of Roses – El-Kelaa M’Gouna / Mid May (depending on the harvest)
In the dry folds on the High Atlas mountains, approaching the Sahara, there’s an unexpected place called the Vallee des Roses where, in spring, the entire area is awash with pink Persian roses. The flowers are harvested in mid-May, an event celebrated in the colorful and sweet-smelling Rose Festival, which draws around 20,000 people to the small town. The three-day festival is a time of song and dance, feasting, souk-like markets and a chariot procession through a shower of rose petals.


The National Festival of  Popular Arts / July, 2022
This is one of the most established and traditional cultural events nationwide. Each year a grand parade with participants groups, open activities and artistic performances. Belly dances, regional dances, rhythms, poems and costumes fill the streets of Marrakech with color, sights and sounds during the festival each day.


Atlas Ultra Trail – UTAT / Oct 6-10, 2022
A journey to the high Atlas, ​​a territory where Berber traditions and culture is alive. Not far from Marrakech, it could be the ideal occasion to combine a run and a visit to the city.